Summer Academy

Summer Academy is a 6 to 7 week comprehensive residential summer program designed to offset the discrepancy in academic preparation between many low-income students and those from more affluent high schools. Nationally, less than 1 in 4 low-income students of color at the most selective schools who want to major in STEM or other rigorous majors are able to graduate in that major. Instead, students frequently enter college with inadequate math and writing skills, struggle in their first year, and are counseled to switch to less rigorous majors. Summer Academy’s combination of intensive academic instruction and college counseling works to combat this trend and ensure that students are prepared to succeed in college. The program is offered at no cost to students to ensure that all qualified students are able to attend and students leave with the academic competencies and determination to thrive at a selective college. Summer Academy is the cornerstone of our program. To learn more, click here.