Pre-College Counseling and Test Prep

Through targeted outreach and tailored college guidance, SCS Noonan Scholars advises high school students and their families on the application and financial aid process with an emphasis on highly selective colleges, and helps students apply, gain admission to, and attend top-ranked universities. Applying to and attending a selective “best fit” college is critical for low-income students. These colleges have smaller class sizes, higher student satisfaction, rich diversity programs, no-loan or low-loan financial aid packages, and higher graduation rates for low-income students. Yet, less than 1 in 2 low-income students of color attend a college that is as selective as one they could get into.1 SCS Noonan Scholars works to reverse this trend by offering our students SAT prep courses, assisting with college applications and essays, and connecting them to top tier colleges that they might not otherwise have known.

1  Smith, J., Pender, M., & Howell, J. (2013). The full extent of student-college academic undermatch. Economics of Education Review, 32, 247–261