Become a Corporate Partner

Partnerships create success

Our corporate partners are crucial to the success of our work. They provide guidance, financial support, and employment opportunities for our Scholars.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Access to a high achieving, hard-working, and diverse group of interns
  • Develop a potential future employee pipeline of motivated, career oriented young professionals
  • Help prepare SCS Noonan Scholars for success
  • Support a dynamic workforce community
  • Provide valuable guidance to low-income students on networking, relationship building, and professionalism
  • Provide an excellent community engagement opportunity for your employees

How Corporate Partners Can Help

  • Sponsor employee mentors to guide students through college
  • Provide paid internships to Scholars who are attending college
  • Host sessions at your office to help our Scholars build their networking, interviewing, and resume creation skills
  • Financially support SCS Noonan Scholars to support a group of Scholars
  • Serve on a SCS Noonan Scholars Board

Over a decade ago our firm decided that rather than giving the usual Holiday gifts to our clients, we would instead use that money to fund a full ride college Scholarship to a needy and deserving student out of the Los Angeles School System. After a couple of years of doing this one student at a time, we were introduced to this amazing organization that had a seemingly endless supply of incredible students along with the infrastructure available to enable us to scale our Scholarship program.

Since that time we have grown our program to 40 kids per year and have helped well over 100 students to date pursue their dreams of a college education. This partnership we have created together has provided us with so much more than we have given. Besides financial support, we pair each scholar with a lawyer at our firm to act as a mentor, we provide the students with internships so that they can work in a professional environment, and we act as a “kitchen cabinet” of advisers as they adapt to college life and beyond. We are in regular contact with the students by emails and receive regular updates.

This program gives our entire staff, many of whom might otherwise not find the time to give back the opportunity to invest their time and energy necessary to making a tangible difference in a young person’s life. We feel a part of the organization. It is meaningful to all of us because we can see the impact we have on these people firsthand—and it is a true feeling of making a difference that is felt throughout our firm. It has become part of our culture.

—Stuart A. Liner
Managing Partner, Liner Law Firm

Zenith Insurance Company’s involvement began when I met the founders, was impressed with the mission and impact of the organization, and joined the Board of Directors. But that was just the beginning. We now sponsor 5 Zenith Scholars annually, supporting them financially but more importantly pairing them each with an Executive mentor from our company. Their mentor, along with other Zenith staff, help Scholars with course selection, resume writing, career counseling, interviewing prep, and networking.

While doing good for others is in line with Zenith’s company philosophy, Zenith has also reaped tremendous benefits from our partnership. The most tangible benefit to Zenith is that it now employs 7 Scholars as full-time employees. These Alumni work in diverse departments including: Finance, Human Resources, Claims Administration and Underwriting. Our partnership provides Zenith with a regular source of talented, diverse and brilliant new workers at a time when there is ever-increasing competition for this segment of the labor market. It has strengthened our organization and provides opportunity with customers who look for partners truly living the principles of diversity and inclusion.

—Kari Van Gundy
CEO, Zenith Insurance Company

To inquire about becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact us at, or call us at (617) 410-4901