Access to a Network for Internships and Jobs

Through the SCS Noonan Scholars network and our corporate partnerships, our Scholars are connected to internships and jobs during college, allowing them to explore diverse career paths.  During their internships, Scholars begin to network with professionals in their chosen fields and build a professional portfolio of skills and interests. As a result of our corporate partners, SCS Noonan Scholars Alumni are entering the workforce across a broad spectrum of industries including numerous Fortune 500 corporations and top law firms.

Career Development

SCS Noonan Scholars aims to expand our Scholars professional opportunities with targeted career counseling and professional development workshops. Often, low-income and first generation students are familiar with high paying jobs such as medicine and law, but, due to a lack of exposure, are unfamiliar with other career options, such as those in research, finance, technology, or computer science.

SCS Noonan Scholars offers students webinars, workshops, conferences and utilizes resources such as CareerFitterCandid CareerInterviewStream and What Can I Do With This Major  to help Scholars understand their interests and skills and learn how to apply them in different industries. We work with our Scholars and alumni to provide them with resume reviews, mock interviews, and other supports.


The SCS Noonan Scholars Mentorship Program partners Scholars with a professional mentor while they are in college. Mentors help Scholars navigate the transition to college, guide them in critical decision-making, provide guidance and one on one support, expose them to different career paths, and often times serve as the first person in their network.

Individual College Support

SCS Noonan Scholars provides holistic support for all Scholars throughout college to help them remain academically competitive and maintain their financial aid. We connect Scholars to on-campus resources, provide ongoing coaching, and help Scholars who might be struggling academically or socially develop improvement plans. We also recruit and oversee upperclassmen Scholars who serve as “Regional Directors,” creating a peer support group for SCS Noonan Scholars on the same campus.

Financial Scholarships

SCS Noonan Scholars provides four-year bridge scholarships to cover the needs unmet by students’ financial aid packages. While we encourage and support our Scholars to attend no-loan and low-loan colleges, there often remains a gap in the financial circumstances of Scholars. To reduce our Scholars’ financial burden and ensure that they are able to stay focused on their college education, SCS Noonan Scholars gives scholarship from $1000 to $2500 per year to be used for miscellaneous expenses like books, dorm supplies, and transportation costs.

Summer Academy

Summer Academy is a 6 to 7 week comprehensive residential summer program designed to offset the discrepancy in academic preparation between many low-income students and those from more affluent high schools. Nationally, less than 1 in 4 low-income students of color at the most selective schools who want to major in STEM or other rigorous majors are able to graduate in that major. Instead, students frequently enter college with inadequate math and writing skills, struggle in their first year, and are counseled to switch to less rigorous majors. Summer Academy’s combination of intensive academic instruction and college counseling works to combat this trend and ensure that students are prepared to succeed in college. The program is offered at no cost to students to ensure that all qualified students are able to attend and students leave with the academic competencies and determination to thrive at a selective college. Summer Academy is the cornerstone of our program. To learn more, click here.

Pre-College Counseling and Test Prep

Through targeted outreach and tailored college guidance, SCS Noonan Scholars advises high school students and their families on the application and financial aid process with an emphasis on highly selective colleges, and helps students apply, gain admission to, and attend top-ranked universities. Applying to and attending a selective “best fit” college is critical for low-income students. These colleges have smaller class sizes, higher student satisfaction, rich diversity programs, no-loan or low-loan financial aid packages, and higher graduation rates for low-income students. Yet, less than 1 in 2 low-income students of color attend a college that is as selective as one they could get into.1 SCS Noonan Scholars works to reverse this trend by offering our students SAT prep courses, assisting with college applications and essays, and connecting them to top tier colleges that they might not otherwise have known.

1  Smith, J., Pender, M., & Howell, J. (2013). The full extent of student-college academic undermatch. Economics of Education Review, 32, 247–261