Kadeajah Goslin

Kadeajah joined SCS Noonan Scholars as the Executive Assistant and Special Projects Coordinator. Prior to joining, Kadeajah worked at Boston University for three years. During her time at BU, Kadeajah was employed through the College Advising Corps program as a College Adviser working with high school students at Boston Green Academy in Brighton, MA.

As a College Adviser, Kadeajah assisted students with the college admissions process and alternative postsecondary pathways. After College Advising Corps, Kadeajah transitioned to the Combined Enrollment Services department at Boston University as an Enrollment Service Advisor where she was trained to utilize the policies and procedures of three departments: Admissions, Financial Assistance, and the Registrar’s Office.

Kadeajah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Psychology and Human Development from Boston College.