Memo from the CEO

Steve Stein, CEO

Dear Friend of SCS Noonan Scholars,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that South Central Scholars and Noonan Scholars have merged to form SCS Noonan Scholars.

South Central Scholars was first formed in Los Angeles in 2001. Three years ago, founders Jim and Trisha London decided to replicate their program in Boston, under the name Noonan Scholars, as a pilot for further regional, and eventual national, expansion. Having achieved successful outcomes in Boston, we are now ready to go national, under the SCS Noonan Scholars flag, as one fully merged organization. We will serve the top low-income students of color from across the country with the same refined model we have been doing locally in L.A. and Boston for years.

As the previous Executive Director of Noonan Scholars and the new CEO of SCS Noonan Scholars, I feel honored to have been involved during this pivotal point in our history. This merger has truly been the culmination of efforts put forth by the South Central Scholars and Noonan Scholars Boards of Directors, staff, volunteers, and the Scholars themselves, and I am greatly appreciative of everyone who has contributed to its success.

The ultimate goal of this merger is to expand our program’s reach to serve more high-achieving under-represented students from across the country. Even though our organizations have achieved great success in the past, we know that we are capable of doing more. We know that there are thousands of deserving students outside of our own communities that have the potential to excel in a selective college but need the academic preparation and support to get there. With the overwhelming support of our communities behind us, SCS Noonan Scholars will now be able to serve these students.

It’s time to get to work. The community need is as urgent as it has ever been, and we at SCS Noonan Scholars are prepared to work hard to ensure that we live in a world in which high-achieving under-represented students have the same opportunities to attend and graduate from top colleges as their higher income peers, where corporate board rooms and institutions are reflective of the diverse population of the United States, and where our Scholars feel empowered to make lasting positive change in their communities.

Yours in partnership,

Steve Stein
SCS Noonan Scholars